High quality live coin predictions using AI

Accurate, actionable predictions explained with evidence

keyboard_arrow_down provides up to date market intelligence at competitive pricing using machine learning in the cloud.

monetization_on Coin Predictions with supporting evidence, drill down to historical prediction performance educates investors about the risk and effects of AI trading agents, reduces emotional investment.
timer High frequency live predictions every few seconds.
gps_fixed Historical Accuracy shows our recent prediction performance and methodology for great accurate predictions and interfaces that build confidence in predictions
android API: Write bots operating ontop of our solid constantly improving prediction engine and ingest the live streams for custom charts and market intelligence
cloud_download Dataset Access: Download our datasets to see historical performance and run backtests to train your own algorithms
trending_up Our Predictions and stats interface provides a high level of signal to noise ratio with only the important information presented and live updated
update Adaptive intelligence changes our algorithm based on current market conditions and favours the most relevant, recent supporting evidence to build confidence in predictions
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